Hey there, quick meal enthusiasts! Let me spill the beans on one of my all-time favorites: Not-So-Sloppy Joes. Now, don’t get your apron in a twist; these aren’t your average ooey-gooey, spill-all-over-your-shirt kind of sloppy joes. Uh-uh, we’ve classed it up a bit over here at Best Quick Meals.

Let me paint you a picture: You’re having friends over, and Sally’s on a diet, and Bob’s a picky eater, and let’s not forget little Timmy’s braces! Suddenly, your go-to menu feels like a ticking time bomb. Don’t fret, whip out your trusty skillet and let’s turn the tables on this mess!

With our Not-So-Sloppy Joes, we trade in mess for convenience without compromising on that scrumptious taste. Picture this: a savory, meaty filling, a dollop of sweet BBQ sauce, perfumed with that tangy hint of mustard and wrapped up neatly in a crispy, toasted bun. Sounds amazing, right?

The best part? It’s easy as pie. All you need is a dash of enthusiasm, mince that’s ready to sizzle, a smattering of your favorite spices, and a couple of sturdy buns. Simply toss everything together in your skillet, heap the result onto your buns, and voila! Dinner is served.

Now I hope you’re not thinking that’s all, folks! Remember to toss in a quick salad or a steamy bowl of your favorite soup on the side, and you’re all set. A restaurant-quality meal that won’t make you broke, made right in your kitchen without a hitch! Try it out and trust me, you’ll be the talk of the town in no time.

So folks, roll up your sleeves and let’s make magic happen with these Not-So-Sloppy Joes!

Let’s Make It!

  • Start by heating a large heavy-bottomed skillet over medium heat.
  • Add a little olive oil to the hot skillet and toss in a diced onion. Stir it around until it’s soft and translucent.
  • To the same skillet, add a couple of minced garlic cloves. Stir until fragrant.
  • Next, throw in lean ground beef or turkey into the skillet. Make sure you break it up into small pieces as it cooks. Let it sizzle until it’s fully cooked and browned.
  • Now, it’s time to get saucy. Pour in a cup of your favorite BBQ sauce, a couple of tablespoons of mustard, some red chili flakes if you like spice and give it all a good stir.
  • Let the meat and sauce mixture simmer for a few minutes until everything is well-combined and heated through.
  • While the filling is simmering, split some hamburger buns and toast them lightly.
  • Once your buns are toasted, heap that delicious, flavorful filling right onto the bottom half of your buns.
  • Cap your joes with the top half of the bun.
  • Serve hot and enjoy your Not-So-Sloppy Joes in peace without any worry of a messy cleanup afterwards!

That Was Quick!

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